Encourage assistance with independence or domestic skills.

Respite Care

We provide relief care for a primary carer, possibly a partner or other family member. This duty may consist of providing company for an hour or two or a combination of a sitting call with a sleep over for longer periods of respite.

Community Support Services

Assistance with accessing educational facilities e.g. Adult Education Centres Assistance with accessing leisure e.g. sports, cinema, theatre, library, art and music Accessing employment opportunities e.g. work placements, job centres or job training Assistance with maintaining social networks Assistance with accessing religious observation and cultural activities



Domiciliary Care and Support Services

  • Personal care - bathing, shaving, hair care, nail care (no clipping) and general hygiene care.

  • Night Sits

  • Sleepover

  • Household tasks - hoovering, washing dishes, laundry and general housework.

  • Cooking - usually preparing light meals.

  • Medication – Support with prescriptions and administration

  • Assistance with transfers in and out of bed.

  • Catheter care (Please note we do not insert catheters).

  • Use of hoists

  • Risk assessment

  • Dementia Care

  • Offer Companionship and Conversation

  • Assist with Wake-up and Tuck-in

  • Maintain Calendar

  • Assist with Entertaining

  • Help with Travel Arrangements

  • Help with Reading