Dementia Care

At Hants Healthcare, we have staff with a lot of experience and a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the illness. Our highly-trained carers know about the different types and stages of the condition, and they have experience in helping people and their families cope with the challenges that Dementia care brings on a daily basis.

We are absolutely determined to help people live well with the illness – caring for people in their own homes in safety and comfort is our main aim.

There is always so much to learn about the illness. So, we continue to train and work closely with organisations, such as Dementia UK to develop our training programs, enabling us to better provide help for our customers, as well as on-going support for carers.

Coming to terms with this illness is hard for both those affected by it and their loved ones. Calling on support for a loved one is one of the toughest decisions you’ll find yourself faced with in life. Many find the idea of inviting someone new into the home very worrying.

That’s why we believe in providing our support through the entire process. Our friendly team of care advisers will talk you through all elements of our person centered care services.

When we provide Dementia Home care, we see our customers for what they are – people with emotions, feelings, likes and dislikes. Each person is different. And therefore there’s no one way of providing help and support.

Our carers are enthusiastic and committed to caring for someone with Dementia, helping them to live comfortably within the environment they’re most familiar with – their own homes.

That’s because we recognize that the homes of our customers aren’t just buildings. They’re treasure troves, hosting decades’ worth of cherished memories. And when caring for someone with Dementia, this continuity and consistency is absolutely vital.